Day Twenty-One

Day twenty-one: Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?


Yes, my characters have children. And I have decided that that is a very boring answer. So let’s show you some genealogy here (side note: only going to give information on the actual ones that matter, I mean everyone has parents…):


  • Noah and Atarah: They have two children – twins – Vanessa and Selene.
  • Selene and Micah: They have one child, Aislynn.
  • Vanessa and Luke: They have one child, Silvanius.
  • Mirabelle and Raymond: They have one child, Haizea
  • Aislynn and Douglas: They have one child, Sierra.
  • Aislynn and Conall: They have one child, Isis.
  • Cadeyrn and Nadine: They have one child, Aileen


Those are the main parent-child combinations that show up and mean anything in my story. Like I said in the parenthetical above everyone has parents, so technically if I wanted to I could go in to more combinations. I at least generally know most parentages of the characters that have a biggish part in the story and could give you more but the above combinations are ones you actually see both the parents and the children in one story or another.


As for how I write them is and how well I do at it … I think I do alright. I’m not so good at the character interactions with babies, mostly because I’ve never had the experience of a 24 hour day with a baby. I have step children that were toddlers when I entered their life and I think I do a lot better with my character’s interaction with toddlers and above.


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