Day Twenty

Day twenty: What are your favorite character interactions to write?


I’m not really sure I have any favorite interactions … and I’m not really sure I know how to answer this question. Are we talking about the interactions themselves? Or are we talking about the actual interaction between multiple characters? I guess I can take it any way here since it is my blog ‘n all but I like to know what I’m answering.


Anyways, when it comes to the actual interaction, I don’t think I have any favorites. Each has their ups and downs (see post on relationships and dialogue) but there has never been a time where I go “Oh! I get to write that [insert scene type] today!” I like to watch them flow out on their own and see where they go. If I don’t like how they turn out they get trashed and if I like how they turn out then they stay.


But if we go along the lines of what combination of characters do I like writing and which would be my favorite, that’s a little easier to go with. Each interaction between characters is fun to experience but there is one that I am really enjoying writing at the moment. And that would be the interaction between Selene and the Voice.


Since right now where I am writing scenes is focused heavily on when they first “come together” they are really learning about each other and one another’s limits. One thing I am really enjoying is the discovery of just how crazy the Voice is. Selene is learning this too, she doesn’t find it enjoyable though.


Their banter is fun to write and I look forward to that interaction more and more as I write scenes in Selene’s story.


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