The Voices in my Head …

After these last few days of entries focusing heavily on characters I wanted to write an entry about how I see them because I honestly think that if someone random stumbled across this blog they would probably think I was schizophrenic in the way that I talk about them.


When it comes to my characters they are a big part of my thoughts. When I write they “talk to me” in my head. I let them and their character lead me through scenes and if I let them lead the way, things flow beautifully. If I try to force things on my characters that is when I seem to find myself in the toughest blocks and can’t seem to get around them doing what I want them to do rather then what they want to do.


Each of my characters has a special place in my heart. They are pushy most of the time, but I’ll occasionally run into some shy ones that have to be coaxed out of their shells but all in all they do lead me in the right direction. Or at least a direction that they approve of.


I’ve heard of a lot of writers that say their characters speak to them. I think it’s a trait of many writers out there, specifically in the fictional aspect of writing, and its one I enjoy having. Even if it sometimes makes me look crazy – like the day I was at some coffee shop writing and caught someone staring at me. Apparently I had been talking to myself about the writing out loud and hadn’t realized it. Am I the only one that does this?


My characters are real in my head. I see them clearly, I talk to them and I listen to them. They help my writing flow and they help me make sure I am uniform in my details – especially when it is in regard to certain characters staying consistent. I think that if I didn’t have those voices in my head then my writing would suffer greatly. Honestly that is one of my fears, that those voices will stop and I will lose my direction in my writing. Maybe I am crazy.


I just wanted to make an actual entry talking about it. I know in the last few days’ worth of the meme I’ve been talking about them like they are actual people and wanted to take a breather to mention how I see my characters.


Cara Mia Amore


A Whisper In The Ear

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