Day Eighteen

Day eighteen: Favorite antagonist? Why?


Like we talked about yesterday, all my antagonists have fun sides and boring sides. But I think I’ll avoid yesterday’s format and just write about the one that is the primary bad guy that I have been focusing on in one of my stories.


Currently she is called The Voice though once she did have an actual name it is now forgotten. She is a goddess that has been imprisoned the entire time she has had her godhead. She began as a human but was granted godhead by mistake. Her powers are focused around pain and death and she uses them whenever she can. Because she has been imprisoned by the other gods of the world, she doesn’t get the chance to use her powers often, but when she does it’s not pretty at all. She likes to torture her victims and when she is done with them she makes them suffer an agonizing death.


Right now she is currently the antagonist of Selene’s story, but she has made an appearance in Aislynn’s as well. Selene is her victim in her story, the first one in a few centuries and the Voice is especially grateful to have her because she is a Cat. The Voice doesn’t like the Children of the Gods, they are the one – in the long run – that got her trapped where she is now.


The reason I like her so much is that she is abso-freaking-lutely crazy. Seclusion for thousands of years causes that, and her prison is sense deprivation at its finest. I love the way she thinks and the way she acts because its so off the wall that its almost funny and I know it will occasionally give me chills when I write her character. She is just a very freaky lady.


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