Day Seventeen

Day seventeen: Favorite protagonist? Why?


This one is hard. I don’t think I really have one favorite over another. So what I will do in this one is give you why I like each of my main characters in the stories I have. It’s a three way tie.


Noah – He is relatively new in the sense of protagonists. His voice and his newness is a lot of fun to write right now. He’s very talkative in my head and he is very pushy. I love the abilities he is discovering he has. His magic is unique and his personality strong. I love the fact that he has completely secluded himself from his family and all that could help him (not gonna tell you why neener-neener) to find his place in the world and get answer. Since his story is relatively new I don’t have much to say about him right now but he will be fun to work with.


Selene – She is, like I’ve said before, my oldest character. She has been on this journey with me from the beginning and I love her just for that. She is such a strong voice in my head. She has grown up like a baby to a teenager and above, her attitude has changed and grown with her and it’s a lot of fun to work with. Her story has become a very interesting one. It explores a different life style that I’ve never been involved in and is going to require a lot of research that will probably cause eye brows to be raised but it’ll be entertaining. Her magic and her battles are going to be fun to write as well.


Aislynn – She’s a trip. She has been an interesting girl to write. She has attitude, she has insecurities. She is wonderful in how she talks to me. She reminds me of some of my own problems when I was her age. Granted I didn’t have to worry about my body ripping itself apart to turn into something else, but her emotions are closely tied to mine. I love that her powers are something that scare her. I love the fact that she has to make tough decisions and some of them are life changing for more then just her own life. The trials she goes through in her story are hard, or at least I would think so, and she has to make a lot of sacrifices. But even when she is having problems she is always good at making the mood lighter with a snarky comment.


What is funny about these characters is that they are so close to me. They are like children that I tend to and grow with. Even if it’s only in my imagination my characters are an important part of my life. I think that’s something that makes me such a good writer, that I let my characters tell me what to do instead of forcing them to do something they would never do.


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