Day Fourteen

Day fourteen: How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

I have general ideas for maps in my head. I know what thinks look like in general but I’ve never been artistic in the sense of drawing out what I see. Trust me I wish I was, would make a lot of things a lot better some days when I am trying to nail down a look. I actually attempted pencil drawings of what I see but really they haven’t been touched in years and I didn’t really like what I had previously as it was.

I’ve been trying to look into computer generated maps, mostly because it takes the place of me needing to generate maps myself. Haven’t really found anything as of yet, but I honestly haven’t spent any significant time looking in to it for a couple reasons. First, when it comes to maps in books I’ve realized they are rarely ever looked at by the readers and are mostly a waste of space so a lot of the mapping out would be more for me then my readers. Second, most of my time has be devoted to writing lately.

Along the same lines of mapping though, one thing I’ve always wanted to do with my world building is getting a model doll house and model cars. There is one house that plays a big part of the novels and I would love to have something that is a physical representation of that house. But those cost a significant amount of money, also would need somewhere to put it. So it will have to wait til I have an office to put it in.

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