Day Thirteen

Day thirteen: What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?


My favorite cultures to write are definitely my fictional ones, but mostly because of the fact that most of my main characters belong in cultures that do not exist in our world. Granted, the human world does occasionally interact with the magical world of my stories, but there really isn’t much of any character development revolving around existing cultures in our world. Most of the humans in my stories are flat characters though there are some exceptions but even the rounded characters that are human are so intertwined in the magical world that their culture mostly falls into the magical community they live in.


Of my races that I write, the one that I have the most fun writing right now is the culture of the Cats. I love learning the intricate details of their lives and how it differs from what I would consider every day life. It’s been interesting learning their rules and their laws, about what they find common and what would be considered unusual. I’ve been trying to develop their culture a lot more and allow it to come out on paper and I am learning that I love their world even when there are times it’s as harsh as it is beautiful.


Since most of my characters are of that race, there hasn’t been much development into the other cultures of my world. But I have been trying to develop at least the Dallion culture further. I see them as such interesting people in my head and I am sorry to say that that hasn’t come out on paper as of right now. I am trying to fix that because I do know that I want them to seem as wickedly amazing as my Cats.


I have learned, though, that creating cultures is a lot easier and more interesting then actually creating a world. You would think it would be just as easy or as hard in any case, but I am finding it’s not. Interesting, no? Then again, worlds and life on those worlds follow certain rules that are not malleable like rules in cultures can be. So… I don’t know why I’m rambling but there is the gist of what I have to say today. See you all tomorrow.


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