Day Twelve

Day twelve: In what story did you feel you did the best job of world building? Any side-notes on it you’d like to share?


Well we can take the a few different ways. When my stories started, it was one story and based in an alternate version of Earth. I was young and I did very minimal world building. I found out that that kind of world was a lot harder then coming up with my own because I kept trying to work things into the world we have now.


About 2-3 years ago now I decided having one story wasn’t going to work for many reason: first, I had too many voices vying for ownership of the book, second, I couldn’t make our world work for them and needed to develop things more.


During this revamp I first figured out who my main voices would be in the stories. And then I thought of the worlds they live in. It is the same world but they each touch a part of different things. As I thought more of my stories, I realized I really needed to sit down and work on true world building.


First I told myself “Where do people live?” and with that I started working on the geography aspect of the world. I got a basic idea of how many countries/continents/main land whatevers that I needed. I needed names and came up with them. The hardest part with this little bit was that I discovered since I have been working on this story for so long, it took me effort to pull myself away from Earth and put myself in my newly named Torrest Reyenne. I’m still working on that becoming a comfortably needed concept of my story.


The next big things for my world building that I did is I decided I needed to right down the rules and laws my people live by. This became a more personal world building project then an actually written in project, they get very minor parts in my writing, but for my personal comfort level I needed to develop them in detail so that I could understand the world that was being created around me.


With this world building I developed a lovely notebook. I call it my god’s eye view of the world. It holds all the details I’ve developed on my characters and on my world. I think its one of the most beneficial things I have. It’s all organized and accessible and makes keeping track of little details a lot easier.


That’s my world building structure. I thought I’d talk about that more then the actual world since I’ve talked about it before. I think the most important thing for any person who is going to attempt any world building is to keep organized and consistent.


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Cara Mia Amore


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