The World as I know it…

We could call this: Welcome to My Life, but I like this title better. I just wanted to take a moment away from my writing focus here and catch everyone up on my life because there have been quite a few changes in the last year-ish amount of time.

The biggest change that I have seen in the last year is that I was married. Which was why I had taken the hiatus to begin with, planning a wedding while working and trying to go to school is a lot of work in itself, trying to find a spare minute to blog on here was just an impossible task.

The wedding was wonderful. Everything I ever wanted and more. And now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Granted, we had already been together for four years (almost 4 and a half now!) but now we’re all official and I get to call him my husband instead of my boyfriend. Still gives me butterflies.

Most of our time is currently spent at work. As of right now I work four ten hour shifts and I hate it. It is nice having the extra long lunch and three days off, but I only get one day off with Todd with the way they have my days off now. It kind of sucks. Work is also getting in the way of school. I tried going back to school for a semester but failed horribly. I was just too busy. Going to school now while I have to hold a full time job makes me so appreciative towards my parents and how they allowed me to go to school full time while living with them and not having to worry about holding a job to make money.

I am really trying to find whatever way possible to go back to school. I want to finish, I want to have that degree in my hand. And I think I finally know what I want to get it in (that really does help the process). I want to be a teacher. Elementary preferably because I’ve always enjoyed being around kids and helping them learn things. I really enjoyed the preschool atmosphere that I was in in high school. Learning how teaching plans worked and the like and being around kids and watching that light bulb go off in their head when things clicked in to place and they understood what was going on. I want to teach, I want to be the cause of that light bulb going off.

I’ve been looking primarily into online schools. I know that I failed that attempt this last time, but Todd is going to be a work horse and try me going on that. University of Phoenix has an Education program, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know how many of you actually read this thing, but have any of you tried that school? They seem to be relatively along the same lines, cost wise, as most schools who offer online classes. Seem to be a little more … I don’t know, “well known” or at maybe “accredited”. I don’t want to go through the expense and find out that what I was going through for probably the next couple years isn’t going to work.

Other then all of that, I’ve been slacking in my little world here. I’ve let work bring me down lately, forgetting to leave it at work where it belongs. The attitude it seems to put me in has been being brought home with me the last bit of time and it’s been effecting me in ways that I hope it doesn’t continue to do. One of my goals this year, I don’t want to call it a resolution but a goal (seems to have an easier sound to it that way), is to leave work at home – unless its funny stories and the like to share with Todd – and get back into a better run of things. I need to start getting things done on time when they need to be and get into the swing of not being a blob sitting on the couch letting my chores and life get away from me. No more with this slacker attitude, especially if I expect to get back into school and do well in it, I can afford to slack off and waste money on school again.

So one of my big goals this years is to better myself. Get healthier, keep up on my responsibilities, go to school, and make medical/dental appointments that I have been putting off. All those things that I have been slacking on need to get done and I hope that I’ll do well at these goals that I have for my personal life to become a better person and to step up as the adult I’m supposed to be.

Another big goal I want to set for myself is to write. Sounds simple, but lately it’s been harder to find the time then I would like to say. I want to start to devote some time each day to write, either in this blog or to my actual story or to both, preferably both. I’m sure how much time I can devote to it, but I want to write as much as possible. I want to finish these stories that have been brewing in my head, to listen to the characters there that have been yelling at me to let them tell their story all the way through with out pauses. In the same area of things, I also want to develop my craft better. I want to take courses on writing to get things down so I can say I at least know what I am trying to do, I want to take courses on “the next step” and learn what I need to know about this world of writing, publishing, selling and the like. Because I want to share my stories with the world, I want my character’s lives to be experienced. So that is my next big goal. I want to join communities and develop my craft and push myself into the tight, little world of writing.

So that is all I have to say to catch everyone up on my world, my life, everything and I plan on continuing the daily blog with that meme that I found. Hopefully after the 30 days have passed I will be in the habit of writing daily in this thing and get to the point where I am writing unscripted each day.


Cara Mia Amore


A Whisper In The Ear

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