Tuesday Random Post 2/2/10

So… I had yesterdays and today’s posts all written up and… poof! they disappeared into the abyss of my work computer as we lost power at work. Which brings me to the wonderful new, and different, topic for this random topic of Tuesday. THE SAVE BUTTON.

I am usually a very anal person when it comes to constantly saving when I am working on projects, especially on word or some system I know has the potential of crashing at any point. I learned that lesson many years ago when I was first starting to write and lost an ENTIRE beginning of a manuscript I had written because I forgot to save and word crashed and was unable to recover the document.

What sucks about work is that our computer systems are on a shared server (as are most companies), so if power goes out or your system goes down for any reason you lose what you were working on and very rarely can recover documents that were unsaved to your system. And because I was getting busy at work and only periodically working on my mock ups of my posts for this week, I had overlooked saving as I usually do when the system went out I knew that I was screwed.

As a writer, most of you understand the importance of saving constantly as well as keeping backups, especially when we are a writer who’s livelihood is based on making sure that their work is not lost to evil computers. And those of use who don’t base our livelihood on writing, but wish we do, still would die if we lost our works. So I tell you all this:


Cara Mia Amore


A Whisper In The Ear

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