Monday Character Development 2/1/10

**This is actually a delayed posting, I apologize for the lack of post on scheduled day**

With this first Character Development post I want to also introduce you to the form I use in keeping track of my characters, that way everything is uniform in how I keep things filed. With that being said, I am going to do this first character development on a character that is a character in one of my shorter stories in my world.

Name of character: Neasa.

Main novel: God’s Story.

Role in novel: Major character.

Physical description, distinguishing marks: She is short, right around five feet tall, she has chesnut brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is a bit over weight compared to the standards of what you would see. Her hair is to the floor and is normally in three braids and then wrapped around her head to “crown” her. Her form is ever changing and never settling. She takes the form of whatever child is in front of her or needing her. Because all of her Children have a variety of different forms that is why her form never truly settles around them. When she is just around her husband, who is the same way, her from goes through the different stages of life: maid, mother and crone. She also bears a scar that goes across her abdomen from the birth of her children.

Birthdate: Unknown, the only ones who would have any idea of her age or birthdate would be the fates, but because there is no sense of time or a way of tracking it on Calypto.

Place of birth: Calypto

Spouse: Asher

Children: Alastar, Keeva, Leander, Naida, Drake, Draca, Lupus, Phoebe, Raven, Phoenix, Marius, Deirdre, Jorun, Marah, Alvar, Fae, Micah, Ceri, Caden and Tristan. These are her children but not in a traditional sense. She did not carry them individually but all at once and they burst into being from her abdomen, hence the scar, but they come out in full adult form with all their powers and gifts.

Mother: Technically she has no biological parents. She and Asher were brought into being by the Fates to start a world that they foresee.

Father: See above.

Siblings: None.

Occupation: She’s a god.

Residence: Calypto.

Age (separated by story): Unknown.

Godshape: Anything and everything.

Powers and affinities: Basically Neasa and Asher have all the powers that are even possible to have. Their magic is what allows their children and their children’s children to have magic. There is no magic that exists outside of the magic that Neasa has. She has an affinity with death and chaos. She can cause death or mayhem with a thought and is only balance out by Asher.

Race: God.

Notes: The Fates lived alone on Calypto with no true purpose. A vision is had of a world of gods and world of non-gods. To make this future and to give them a purpose, the three fates create a man and a woman. They are opposites of each other. Neasa short where Asher is tall. Neasa dark where Asher is fair. Life and death. Creation and destruction. Peace and war. Yes, they have all the powers out there, but Neasa has more strength with the darker powers focused around death. Asher is focused around lighter magic. Neasa and Asher are by themselves on Calypto for quite a bit of time similar to Adam and Eve in Eden.

Cara Mia Amore


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