Sunday Background and World Building 1/31/10

So this Sunday’s World Building and Background is going to be just a generic introduction into my world.

The world that my stories revolve around is called Torrest Reyenne. It was created by some very bored gods who were bugging their parents. Mommy and Daddy dearest (more about these two on a later date) decided to make a contest for their children. They would join together and create a world. They would then have to populate the world with their children. Basically what the contest does is get the whiny bored gods out of Mommy and Daddy’s hair.

Torrest Reyenne is a world of magic, there are magical powers, the ability to switch shapes.

Its a world very similar to our own.  Their technology is as advanced as our as well as in some places being slightly more advanced (working on the specifics of that)

There is a lot that I am trying to work out right now, but that is the gist of it for now.

Cara Mia Amore

A Whisper In The Ear

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