Saturday Plans, Rants and Reflections 1/30/10


So this week my plans are relatively simply. This week I want to really push at actually writing and not just planning on the writing. I’ve been distracting myself a lot with the outlining and background building lately and not actually getting any where on any on my stories. So, here is my goal: I want to try and get 100 words a day on each of the three main stories. This is relatively simple way to start, because I can’t guarantee when and how much I get to write a day, so I figure 100 X 3 = 300 words a day. Not hard at all.

I also want to finish a few of the planning items that I have been working on for awhile to get nailed down and finished up. Mostly the outlines right now. I have them pretty much done for now besides Aislynn’s. Then I want to move on to the generic outlines for the three shorter stories.


This weeks rant is brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show. I went to one today, and I need to stop going to them. I have pretty much everything I need nailed down besides a baker. But finding a baker is becoming increasingly difficult because we don’t want a traditional cake because neither the groom to be or myself really like cake. I really like the idea of doing a desert bar type situation with a collection of deserts, but we’ll have to see how that goes. My mom really wants us to do the “cutting the cake” situation so we’ll have to see what we can do with that. Maybe we’ll do a “cutting the cheesecake”.

Along the same lines, since I decided to go to one that was quite a bit of ways out from where I actually live, I decided to stay for the majority of the show. Including the fashion show at the end. I usually don’t like to stay for those because I’ve already got my dress and the dresses for a majority of the party, but I wanted to see what kind of things have come into popularity (not that I go by popular standards) since the last time I checked. So I go into the conference room where they were holding the fashion show and sat next to a mother and her daughter. We waited until the lame music started, then we heard a sad story about a woman who won this competition to plan and have a wedding in one week  — it was sad because apparently this woman met the man of her dreams a few weeks after her daughter died, dude, I wanted to cry — then they started filing out. First off, I’ve seen better fashion shows put on by middle school children who have never see a fashion magazine in their life. The models they got had obviously never done a show before (which would have been fine) and had no emotions or expressions in the show  (which was lame beyond belief).

God, it was nearly unbearable. Not to mention the outfits sucked major cookies. And then choked on them. Then tried to eat them again.


I don’t really have any major reflections besides to say that I love that my lovely fiance is bearing with me through all of the craziness of this wedding planning and would stick beside me through anything. I love him completely.

Cara Mia Amore


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