Ooo A meme

Your genre(s): Depends on how you really classify things, I tend to think mine as a mix of modern fantasy and horror.

How many books are you working on now: I guess you could technically say three. At least three that have a majority of my attention. But those would be novels, then three more shorter novella type stories. Not to mention write ups on different things regarding my world. Laws, history, geography, and the such.

Are you a linear or chunk writer: Chunk definitely. Or a majority of the time I write its in chunks, especially since I don’t just focus on one of the stories I am working on at a time. Though lately its been pretty linear because I’ve been focusing on only one of my writings. So really again, depends on when you ask me.

The POV you’re partial to: Really depends on which story, a lot of things happen by third person omniscient.

The Tense you use: Present unless there is a flashback, but with the way my books are outlined now, they are pretty much spanned over a bit of time that basically goes from past to present.

The theme that keeps cropping up in your books: Pain, sacrifice, family and love.

How many days a week do you write: Well I try to write as much as I can every day. Whether its new stuff or editing, I try to give a little time to my writing every day.

What time of day do you get your best writing done: Morning and afternoon and night. I try to write whenever I get a spare moment and or the inclination. I’ve been either a full time student or employee or both my entire writing career, so there hasn’t been set aside times to be able to work. Though now that I am working a rather steady schedule, I hope to be able to set some specific time aside in the afternoon devoted to just writing.

Who are your mentors: I can’t really think of anyone who is a mentor specifically. Everyone who has the passion to write and to put their words to paper and get published has been an inspiration to me.

My favorite authors to read: Diana Gabaldon is on the top of my list today, Nora Roberts, Laurell K Hamilton, and way too many more to list



So, I’ve been writing a lot lately. Mostly at work, really. A lot of the writing has actually been getting notes and outlines written up. One things I really wanted to update here was my current word counts.

  • Noah’s: 99 words
  • Selene’s: 12,743 words
  • Aislynn’s: 6,719 words
  • God’s: 580 words
  • Justice: 848 words
  • Ezra: 5,145 words

Well, Selene’s is mostly an estimate at the moment. I took most of my word counts from what I have typed up, so everything I have written that hasn’t been entered on the computer just yet. That is one of my many to-dos for this weekend.

But that is my update for today