Forever and a day

So, it has been a month since my last update. Been a busy month, really, a busy summer. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Changed positions at my job (not necessarily a promotion, but its a better position with better hours).
  • Girls got here for their summer break, been enjoying my time with them and having them help me plan their part in the wedding. Not to mention the excuse to go out to places that kids get to go without getting weird stares when I go by myself.
  • Moved a few weeks ago. Just now getting internet and time to post anything. I HATE MOVING. Especially 300 pound couches up a flight of stairs, around corners and through two doors. FUN.

Those are the basics of what I’ve been up to lately. Nothing really worth while to update about wedding plans, and those would have gotten posted to the wedding blog anyways.

Though, I do have one thing to say about moving besides that its torture hidden by the gladness of a bigger place. You find things you forgot you had. Like the depths of my filing cabinet. I don’t go into my filing cabinet often, or haven’t for awhile. I keep mostly old drafts of writing in there and old notes that aren’t really applicable to what I am currently writing. All my newer stuff is organized on my desk (ha ha, my desk which isn’t a desk, mostly its a stack of folders that sat beside the bed but will soon be on a desk now that I have room for one in our room.) Anyway, the point, I went through a filing cabinet and found a lot of notes I had filed away. Maps, pictures I took the time to draw (and trust me they would have taken plenty of time because I have no artistic abilities) and not to mention some notes I had printed out awhile back that had gotten erased when my lap top had blue screened earlier this year.

I love treasures and the ideas they spark.

So basically with my new position at work I get more free time, less of a busy-ness that I used to have in my old position. I also have access to word. That is a bad combination with a writer, as some of you know. Trust me, it gets me distracted. I’ve been doing outlines (I used to hate outlines and would do what I called To-Do lists.) For all the stories, and my plot is going places I never thought I would take. It’s been interesting.

Hopefully I’ll have something to share later