Me? Blogging? Psh…

So, once upon a time I used to be good at this whole journaling thing. I could just sit down and reflect on my day. Now, being an adult, I find that a little more difficult. And I think that that is because my brain gets so fried when ever I come home from work that I absolutely do not want to reflect on the day. Half the crap that I go through while working are things I don’t even want to have to remember.

Being a call support agent with a major television provider in the U.S. means that I get calls from complete assholes and idiots all day asking me to help them and fix their problems. That wouldn’t be so bad if those assholes and idiots would learn to follow directions. Just so you know, when I tell you to press the menu button on your remote, that usually means that I want you to press the menu button, not some random button you decide to press. And then when I asked you what you pressed after you bring up some bullshit I don’t want you to say these words: “I thought you said (insert name of whatever button pressed)”. You know I didn’t say that. Really you did. I only told you the name five times. Seriously. MENU. *Face meet palm/desk/other sharp instrument*. Granted there are the nice people out there who can make my job easier. But there really aren’t that many out there these days.

Wedding planning is kind of at a stand still at the moment. Granted we have over a year to plan. But we do need to make a few very important decisions. Like an official date and place. We still haven’t decided on the damn state we’re getting married in. Decisions, decisions. If you want to read more about the pre-wedding planning and tasks, and any other information go ahead and take a look at my other blog. Two Hands One Heart. Most updates on the wedding will be linked there from now on.

Lets see… what else. Visits with family of different sorts were fun. All the visiting and playing kept everything happy and bright. We definitely wish that both sets of visits could have been longer. We miss our girls and I definitely miss my mom. I would love to just hide her here forever but I think my dad would miss her.

Life has been slightly stressful lately. With working and trying to not kill people bunking on couches, not to mention court and planning various things like weddings and moving out. Nothing has been very “news” worthy lately. But we’re getting through it and trying to just get settled. I’ve been here in Colorado for about 13 months now. Its been exciting and I am more happy then I have ever been.

But thats it for now, I’ll try and update more often as well.



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