DTP Part 92

Finally A Queen
Written on: January 6, 2005 (age eighteen)

Once upon a time
A girl living in a castle of her own
With a family and a world of happiness
She grew up surrounded
By family and friends
And knew one day she’d find her prince
She loved the promises the world held
The belief of soul mates

And then she found herself growing up
Her soul mate found in love
And she was deliriously happy
She finally felt alive
Felt complete with the man of her dreams
She finally knew where she belonged
Beside her prince
To become king and queen
Of their own castle

To be with him forever
To have a family with him
And make their castle a home
To fill it with love and friendship
To have a life full of intrigue
Full of surprises and mysteries

So now she’s finally become a queen
Her king by her side
And she now knows that when their castle
Becomes theirs
And their forever together
With a family of their own
Their lives will be complete

A Whisper In The Ear

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