DTP Part 91

A Collection of Thoughts
Written on: May 19, 2005 (age eighteen)

Words on a piece of paper
Scrambled in to a jumbled mess
There is no order, no sense
Just thoughts on paper
All you have to do is get the words down
Before they disappear
Before you move on
You write one thing
But are unsure of what comes next
So you move on to the next thought

Maybe you talk about the future
Of a happy family with a few kids
But you don’t stay on that thought long
And move on to your memories
The thoughts of a joyful childhood
And watching a big world grow smaller
You remember the days of forts
And adventures from sunrise to sunset
The thoughts of your adult adventures
Start to dominate your mind

Thoughts of your first hug
Your first kiss
Your childish crushes
And puppy love
Passionate words shared
As your cuddled close to a lover
The dreams of growing older
A true love there by your side
Children and grandchildren
They light up your life

Your thoughts jump again
And now your thinking about a job
What will you be, who will you be
Will all your dreams come true
Will you be a teacher
Or will you write the great American novel
How will you look
Will you still be kind and gentle
Will you fall in love many times
Or is there only one true love for you

There are so many paths to travel
How will you know which to choose
Is there even a right way to go
Do we have a single fate
Already planned out for us
Or do we really have the choice
Of what will happen in our lives
There are so many thoughts
Here on this paper
How will you organize them all?


A Whisper In The Ear

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