DTP Part 90

Written on: January 6, 2005 (age eighteen)

Magic is all around us
All we have to do is look
Fairy tales have to be based on some reality
They follow us to our dreams
Fairies, unicorns and all the little monsters
The magic in the air on a spring morning
With the smell of flowers in the air
Miracles of babies and being in love
The magic that a family holds

I’ve always believed in magic
All the stories out there that mystify the mind
And perk your curiosity
Do witches and vampires exist?
Do werewolves truly howl at the moon?
Are fairies and pixies hiding in the greenery of Scotland?
And leprechauns hiding their pots of gold.
The Stonehenge holding magic within its circles
For me life is full of magic

Magic is everywhere
Like wishing upon a star
To see if all your dreams will come true


A Whisper In The Ear

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