DTP Part 89

Written on: January 5, 2005 (age eighteen)

My memories of my life in my childhood home
Are both beautiful and amusing
I remember birthday parties
Late night swims and thunderstorms
Sitting up late and talking
Movies that last all day
Dinners shared together
But memories are both good and bad
Arguments that make you cry
Disappointment in your eyes
Fights with siblings
I grew up in one home
With a family of many
Whether they are of blood or not
They have all helped form my memories
My friends and family have seen me through
All the hard times
they have supported
All my choices
And they have held and comforted me
Through all my pains
So now as I have grown up
Become an adult
I begin to remember all my childhood memories
I treasure them as I set them aside
All where they will always be remembered
But put away to make room for new ones
As a new page has turned in my life
I know where I’m heading in life
And I’m happy to be going there too
My memories will be mine forever
And they will keep growing and building
As the rest of my life goes by


A Whisper In The Ear

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