DTP Part 87

My Fairytale
Written on: January 5, 2005 (age eighteen)

Love had only been in fairy tales
Trust had just been a myth
Thoughts and dreams kept hidden
And tongues held in check
Until you brought it all out in me
I had kept myself locked away
In the shadows of others
My heart was locked behind a wall
Until you brought out a key to break it down

I really thought there was no one
To help me reach all my dreams
To comfort when I found pain
To laugh when times are good
Someone to share my deepest secrets with
Now that love’s a reality
My trust is in your hands
I share my thoughts and secrets
And I’m no longer afraid to speak my thoughts

You push me forward
To do the best that I can
I push you to do the same
Our love and passion shared
An eternal flame has been lit
And shall never be burned out
There may be bad times
Just like there are good ones
But we both know we’ll get through them together

When I held you in my arms
I had finally found where I belonged
By your side and forever with you
I felt complete and truly happy
When I had to let you go
I cried and felt alone and torn apart
Even though I knew we’d be together again soon
I could look forward to that day
To the day we’d be with each other forever

I’m happy, ecstatic
I feel I can jump for joy
I’m loved and I love
I give my trust as I get yours in return
Even though we’re apart ow
I know soon we’ll be together again
So now I have felt what love is
I’m happier than ever
And I know where I belong

I believe now there is true love
Soul mates meant to be together
My fairy tale has come true


A Whisper In The Ear

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