DTP Part 86

Thinking (Part 3)
Written on: November 13, 2004 (age seventeen)

I look back on what I did last year
A poem by this very name
Crazy how worried I seemed
About so many things
Life, death
Past and future
About a ring to bind me
To someone I despise now
I was even feeling this way then

Now that terrible feeling of being bound is gone
I want the ring
From the man of my dreams
I’m giddy with excitement
When rings are exchanged
And vows are said
No matter how soon or long
Until that day
I now know who it will be

Growing up is still a scary thing
But now, not as much as before
My life has found its course
Leading me and guiding me down its paths
My eyes aren’t always open
Sometimes I can be blinded on my way
Yet I have met one crossroad
Knowing I’ll meet more
But now I feel prepared

It’s scary and nerve-wreaking
How caution I am around my friends
Trying not to say anything wrong
Or do a stupid thing
They’ve blamed me for things in the past
And called me a bad friend
But all that is behind me
All has been resolved
Hasn’t it?

Writing and family
Were always the constants in my life
They had seen me through every problem
They have helped me find my path
Now I’ve found a new thing in my life
Someone who is there to be depended on
The kind and captor of my heart
He makes all the fears and pains
Go away

A week from now I’ll be an adult
But will I be mature enough
To take on the role
Can I be independent
Or has time gone too fast
For me to grow to be on my own
Or will I always be dependent
On the people in my life
And see I can’t live up to the role

For the longest time
I have been that little girl
Full of dreams
I have seen my dreams morph
From fairy tales to wedding days
Now my dreams are special
Things I know I can hope to reach
Because now that he’s by my side
I know he’ll help me through the troubles

From friend
To boyfriend
And soon to husband
From child to woman
From daughter
To wife and mother
My dreams of family
Of my own
Are close to me

Truth be told
I have never felt like this
Like nothing has made me happier
Light headed and those wonderful butterflies
When ever he even says my name
I can now say “I love you”
With all of my heart and soul
And when I hear those three words back
I know that the words are from the heart

I had always dreamt of a fairytale romance
Of true love and happily ever after
I’ve found it in him
He is everything I have ever dreamed of
And I know that he’s the one
He is my lover and my best friend
We can talk for hours
If anything goes wrong in my life
He’s always had a comforting embrace

I remember long ago
Sitting down as little girls
My friends and I tried to write our vows
To our imaginary husbands
Back then I couldn’t find the words
To say to someone who wasn’t real
But I know now that if I sat down
To write my vows to him
The words would be harder

I would never be able to find
The right words
To express what I feel about him
And how he makes everything so right
He’s a dream come true
One I never thought I’d find
So I would want the words to be perfect
To hear his words of love as well
Until death do us part

Now I wear a ring on my finger
Knowing that soon the band will change
To the one he’ll give to me
On bended knee
I know he’ll have one on his own finger
In the future
As we stand in front of family and friends
Our hands held together
As those words of love are shared

My future doesn’t seem so bleak now
As the days tick by
Until the days I must leave
The safety of the nest my family has given me
I know I won’t be alone
I’ll have him and my friends
And my family will always be there
I will always have writing
When things get really bad

I’ve never been so sure of what I want
I had always been fearful
Of making the wrong choice
But as in the days of old
I believe in fate
In a destiny already planned
But I believe we have a say now
Of the best choices in our lives
And I know I can make them now

Writing through the years
Changing from style to style
Searching for where I am most comfortable
From poetry to stories and back again
Poetry seems to be a favorite
Though I have found a different style now
Something hush-hush
Of secrets deep in your minds
It lets me bring things inside to life

My love for children has guided me
To help to prepare them for life
To teach them and be there for them
This love has helped me find a goal
Something I wish to be
Though I believe
That love was destined to lead me here
On this path to teach
To help them find their own futures

More dreams
And different paths
Show me the possibilities
A teacher, a writer
A bookstore filled with books
A cozy cafe to relax in
A fireplace to curl up in front of
A book in your lap
All of these pictures in my head

My insatiable thirst for knowledge
Drives me to reach each goal
To find and learn more
To find out why things are so
This must be why I hold so many dreams
I just want to learn about everything
Ad I know I must continue to take it in
To try and ease that need
To hold all the knowledge out there

So now I see how full my mind is
Things I must write down
To try and get it all in words
Before they disappear into the void
The storage where my thoughts are held
These words are from my inner soul
My innermost secrets kept
My biggest fears and dreams
The words don’t seem to stop

Time has seemed to go so fast
And all I can do
Is try to keep up
To not get lost in the crowd is hard
I must find where I belong
I know life is short
And you should always look in every direction
To take in everything you can
And live life to the fullest


A Whisper In The Ear

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