DTP Part 85

The Hunt
Written on: September 15, 2004 (age seventeen)

She was swift and stealthy
Nothing stopped her
She was persistent
On a hunt
She is rarely seen
Until her pray feels serene
With strong legs she pounces
With sharp teeth skin is shredded
But even though the strike is deadly
She does not feast upon her catch
Quietly again she follows a trail
Hidden to the naked eye
This time Slowed with the burden
Of fresh meat in her mouth
The blood seeps into and onto her muzzle
Awakening sense and causing
A growl of hunger to escape
She knows she is getting closer to her destination
The familiar scents and sounds
Of home and family calling her
Soon the entrance of the secluded cave is revealed
The sounds so familiar
Of cubs playing
The sight of other lionesses watching with curiosity
As she brings the dinner home to them
She drops it upon the ground in the center of the clearing
She turns her back to leave
Her job is done, yet she still hungers


A Whisper In The Ear

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