DTP Part 84

You Brought Me Back
Written on: September 9, 2004 (age seventeen)

I once was down and dreary
Hurt so many times before
I didn’t want to get trapped again
Only to find myself torn and hurt again
So I was secluded and distant
Keeping myself from showing my true colors
Wearing a mask with a smile
Yet beneath there were tears
I wanted the love
But I didn’t want the hurt
I was friendly and honest to a point
But no one really knew how I felt
No one but me
You came into my life as a surprise
A dream come true
I slowly started realizing
It was you who was missing all along

I remember I was sitting back
Trying to stay out of the crowd
You walked in and looked around
I watched you say hello
To all your friends
But when our eyes met
It seemed as all else disappeared
You came to me
Alone in my corner
Ignoring all the noise behind you
Your friends were trying to call you back
You reached my side and sat beside me
Leaning against me like we’ve known each other

We sat in silence
Sharing the solitude of the dark corner
Minutes had passed as I started to feel
It seemed as if we both felt it
The pull that had caused you to walk across the room
Was the same pull that caused us to turn
To start talking with familiarity
Finding out anything and everything

We were connected instantly
It didn’t feel like we had just met
It felt like you knew everything about me
You seemed to bring me out
From behind my mask
You brought me out of my sorrow
You made me feel alive again
And I’m genuinely smiling again
You brought me back to happiness

We never parted
Nothing could separate us
I found myself falling in love again
But this time it was different
Because I knew you wouldn’t hurt me
And when you told me you felt the same
My heart seemed to soar
And I finally complete

A Whisper In The Ear

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