DTP Part 81

A Modern Day Romeo and Juliette
Written on: March 26, 2004 (age seventeen)

Star cross’d lovers
A world apart
What do they do
When they love forbiddenly
A voice, a thought, a single picture
Is all they have to remember
That their love will be strong
Yet to get forever, it must be in secret
Because family and friends disapproved

They met in secret
For they are not even allowed to be friends
Yet they still find the time and the way
To be together

To tell or not to tell
That is the question
Running through their heads
Should they face the hurt
The disappointment
The disownment
Will their friends and family ever understand
That it was love that pulled them together
Instead of hate pushing them apart

Her friends called him cocky
Ugly and an ass
His friends called her a tramp
The black sheep and a bitch
To hide their anger
They put on their masks
Not denying, not encouraging

They were your modern day
Romeo and Juliette
Denied to each other
Because their families are different
Because their friends are different

A Whisper In The Ear

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