DTP Part 78

My Mother’s Embrace
Written on: February 10, 2004 (age seventeen)
Dedicated to: my mother

I remember long ago
Of a night that was warm
You could smell the flowers in the air
You could see the stars
I had woken up
From a terrible dream
With monsters and death
I was young
And I wanted comfort
I walked to the windowed door
I looked out at the world I knew
Through child’s eyes it looked so big
I saw her laying there
As if she had been waiting all along
I ran to her to tell her
That I needed
The monsters chased away
She wrapped me in her warm embrace
One I had known so well
We stared up at the stars in silence
She wouldn’t let me talk
But soon my monsters and fears
As she rocked me back and forth
I knew her arms would protect me
The stars made shapes
We pointed them out
In silent discovery
Minutes and hours passed
As the midnight sky turned to dawn
Light and colors filled the sky
As I laid in my mother’s arms

A Whisper In The Ear

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