DTP Part 77

My Prince
Written on: February 10, 2004 (age seventeen)

As a girl
I believed in fairy tale romances
And happily ever after
I couldn’t wait to grow up
And fall in love
With the man of my dreams

He would be my prince
Dark and handsome and tall
He would be funny and kind
Loving and playful
There would be love at first sight
And I would trust him immediately

He would hold knowledge of the world
He would love the written word
H would read with me by the fires
Til we finally fell into lover’s embrace
He would support my choices
And stand by my side

He would love me unconditionally
As I would love him
We would be best friends
Someone we could turn to
A shoulder to cry on
When hurt came our way

Through sickness and in health
For richer or for poorer
For better or worse
We’d be there for each other
With love and trust
Faith and hope

He’d want a great big family
Just as I do
With tons of kids and pets alike
We would grow old together
Our love just as sweet
As it was when we met

So now I’m a young woman
Waiting for her prince to come
For my happily ever after

A Whisper In The Ear

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