DTP Part 76

What’s It Mean to Be In Love
Written on: February 10, 2004 (age seventeen)

Have you ever sat and wondere
What does it mean to be in love
Do you trust immediately
Or does it grow with age and time
Or can there be love without trust
When someone loves
Then gets hurt
How do you heal a broken heart

What’s it mean to be in love
Is it always about just having one person
Forever and for always
Or will you have many loves
And treasure each and every one
Is it different for each person
Do we each have a soul mate
Someone we’re destined to be with

What’s it mean to have a soul mate
Does it mean happily ever after
Or a fairytale romance
Or can your soul mate
Be cruel and dishonest
With harsh words and a swift fist
A tangle of lies spewed forth
From your true loves mouth

What’s it mean to be monogamous
To be true and faithful to the one you love
Does everyone have a different meaning
To be monogamous
I would think so
Since there are so many people
Lying and cheating
Where will it all end

So what’s it mean to be in love
Does it need lust to be love
Or can you have both
Do we lust after the ones we love
Or do we love the people we lust for
Or are they not connected with each other
Two separate feelings
Not meant to be bound

Does love mean faithfulness, trust
Does it mean soul mates and true love
Does it mean hurt and heartbreak
Does it mean choice or lust
Is it about fate and destiny
Or lies and adultery
Does it mean marriage is in the future
A home and family

Have you ever just sat and wondered
What does it mean to be in love?


A Whisper In The Ear

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