DTP Part 75

The Unfairytale Romance
Written on: February 9, 2004 (age seventeen)

Once upon a time
There was a princess
Who loved a prince
The price like to dally
With all the pretty girls
And the princess just cried
For a different prince to love

One day she sat
Alone in her castle
As tears rolled down her cheeks
Her prince stumbling by
With a curse and a grumble
His clothes are a mess
And his eyes all glassy

She wanted to yell
In an unlady-like fashion
But she would hold back
Keeping her morals intact
Instead she just cried
Alone at night

One day as she stood
Alone in her castle
There was a rapping at her door
And there stood a prince
As dark and handsome
As her dreams
Would make him up

He held a bouquet of flowers
And said he would listen
He’d be by her side
And dry all her tears
She smiled at him
And knew her wishes had been granted
But it was too late

She was already bound
To the prince she had once loved
In once upon a time land
A bind could not be broken
So she was sad once again
And the prince only sighed
What would happen now

She said she wanted to leave
But she didn’t want to hurt
No matter how much
He had hurt her before
The new prince only held her
As she cried her
Ever-present tears

The prince told her
The other guy was a bastard
For hurting someone so special
The princess smiled a haunted smile
And said those were lies
How could anyone be special
If they let themselves be hurt

The prince simply nodded
And knew the pain that she felt
Must be terrible and huge
He had pity for the princess
She had never known true love
The pleasures
The happiness

He wanted to show her
What true love meant
If only she would open up
And let him heal her old wounds
When the prince told her
What he felt
She just laughed

She told him straight out
She could never trust again
She would not let another person
Into her heart
If she would only be hurt
Once again
Never again

So now the princess lives alone
Her fairytale world in shambles
Both princes gone
No more tears fall down her cheeks
She’s numb now
Lost in a world of
Unfairy-tale romances.

A Whisper In The Ear

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