DTP Part 73

Thinking (Part 2)
Written on: February 9, 2004 (age seventeen)

When I was young
I couldn’t wait to fall in love
But back then
I didn’t know
That it would hurt so bad
I didn’t know
That I would suffer heartache
Upon heartache

Now as I sit here
Writing what’s on my mind
Thinking about these past years
And everything I’ve faced
Boys who like to hurt
The people they love
Boys who tell you lies
And trust you to believe them

Kind of strange
How I fall into their traps
How I always end up
With the bad ones
I guess I’ve always
Like the challenge
Or maybe
I just want to love everyone

Sometimes I think I trust too easily
The ones who can hurt me the most
Yet even if I knew
That they were going to hurt me
I still stick around
Hoping to change them
To make them stop hurting me
And hurting themselves


A Whisper In The Ear

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