DTP Part 71

Another prompt from a creative writing class. We had to use synonyms to show the differences in how a meaning of a word could change everything.

Point of View
Written on: January 27, 2003 (age sixteen)

You are stubborn but I am persistent
You are mediocre but I am ordinary
You are parsimonious but I am tight-fisted
You are gullible but I am susceptible
You are overbearing but I am magisterial
You are childish but I am juvenile
You are abrupt but I am brusque
You are sanctimonious but I am Pharisaical
You are closed mouthed but I am reserved
You are submissive but I am docile
You are arrogant but I am prideful
You are apathetic but I am uninterested
You are meddlesome but I am officious
You are unchangeable but I am ironclad
You are peculiar but I am characteristic
You are reckless but I am brash
You are shrewd but I am astute
You are slow but I am set back
You are talkative but I am conversational
You are timid but I am tentative


A Whisper In The Ear

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