DTP Part 61

Written on: unknown date

Everyday I sit and think
Of the times I remember
Of you and me
We were as happy as can be

We were always hand in hand
We would run around in the sand
But that all has ended
When you were taken from me

The life that we once shared
Was taken on that day
When you drove to fast
When there was nothing left to say

Why couldn’t you have stand
I just ask for one more hour
But I know I’ll never get it
Not even to see your beautiful face

Those deep blue eyes
And the way they looked into my soul
I wish you could see the tears
That has now replaced the happiness

There’s loneliness instead of fulfillment
Sadness standing for happiness
There’s bitterness instead of friendliness
Hatred over love

No more parties for us to go to
No more words to be said
There’s no more friends
To convince me you’ll be here

There will never be another
Who will be so sweet
There will never be another
Who will love me so much

So how can I go on
Knowing you’re no there
No more sneaking kisses
When my father isn’t here

All those midnight walks
Every moonlit kiss goodbye
All the memories
Going through my head

Just to keep remembering
Always remember
That I’ll always love you


A Whisper In The Ear

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