DTP Part 60

A Life Once Owned
Written on: unknown date

The happiness once known
Was gone when the morning came
Now sadness has replaced
The one smile on my face

The one meaning of life
Disappeared with the day
Like the sun was replaced by the moon
When the light had crept away

The road my life once traveled
Has crumbled beneath my feet
The stars have gone from my eyes
As light again entered my world

Sorrow and confusion
Replacing what is known
Telling me my thoughts were wrong
Scary thoughts conquered

A life once owned
Thoughts once controlled
My body once controlling
Not knowing what my mind knew

My heart shattered
When my life turned a corner
Did everything known
Just disappear

How does life get any better
When everything is so wrong
Will there be a tomorrow
Or a million more of todays

Running in fields
Our hands entwined together
Now I walk in the dark
Seeking a hand to grasp

Do we ever find the truth
Or do we just live the lies
When life is so hard
We don’t know what to do

How hard can life be
Why does everyone make it look easy
Just to disappoint us
And to confuse me

Life’s so hard
How’ll I get through it alive
So many choices
And not knowing what to do

But I love it
I love the many choices
And the happiness with the success
And the sadness when I loose


A Whisper In The Ear

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