DTP Part 52

To Stop Loving You
Written on: April 2, 2003 (age sixteen)

It hasn’t changed
Though I wish it would
I wish I could stop loving you
When I know you don’t feel the same
I turn to you
You turn to me
When we need a little something
To feed the sexual frustration
To smolder and calm the flames
Why do I turn to you
When I have another
One I should turn to
It’s scary what I would give up
Just for you
And for love
I am willing to give you
Something I could never claim back

To stop loving you
Is like tearing myself in two
Losing half of me
When you look at me
Can’t you see the love
The devotion
Do you deep in your heart
Know what it is
But push it away out of fear
Or do you know what it means
And you’d rather hurt me

Since you left
The skies have been gray
Some days
Blue has peeked through
Just to be covered again
Gloomy and cold
Except those moments
In your arms
With those small traces of love
Where there’s sun and warmth
But as soon as you see what you’re doing
You turn away and leave
Back to the present
Instead of back to where we once were

To make a wish upon a star
And hope it to be true
It’s a wish for you
To hold me in love
Not just in lust
For you to see who I am
A heart-broken girl
Wishing for my heart breaker
To come back to me

I stare out the window
Wishing to find a way
To stop loving you

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