DTP Part 51

Am I
Written on: February 9, 2003 (age sixteen)

Would you cry if I wasn’t here
Would your heart ache if you never saw me again
Could you find away to go on
Am I worth having
Am I just a simple lay you want
Or do you really love me

If I was dead
Would you cry at my funeral
Would you even come
Or would you be at home
With your new girl
Without a thought of me on your mind

If I got really sick
Would you sit by my side
Hold my hand through the pain
Whisper about what we’d do in the future
The one I might not have
Or am I just some girl

Am I easily forgotten
Just a fast swing
A one night stand
Or could this be the real thing
Everything we’ve ever wanted
The air we need to breathe

Am I just a fling
Something you wanted to try
But couldn’t have
Are you trying to take
Something I could never get back
Will you leave at the first sign of trouble

I am a girl easily forgotten
I’ll breeze through your life
Like the shadows
The ones I use for cover
The sweet one guys never want
All but you

Are you different
Or is this just a game
One I don’t know how to play
Or what the rules are
Can I win
Or will I always lose

A sea of questions flood my mind
Like the rain floods a river
I’ll always find a way to survive
I’ll wait for the flood to be over
So I can get on with my life
And find out, who am I?


A Whisper In The Ear

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