DTP Part 50

A Nation
Written on: February 3, 2003 (age sixteen)

A shadow washed over us
When sorrow upon sorrow overwhelmed us
And our hearts bleed
When we hear of the lost souls
Who try to seek an end to it all

Fear in our hearts
As we look war in the eye
We bow down to our leader
As he ignores our pleas for peace
And all he looks for is revenge

A nation that dies
Soul upon soul standing at Heaven’s gate
Plus the ones who burn in pits of fire
And cry out with what they wish they didn’t do
Fear overwhelming them

Children learning about war
Instead of peace
Instead of joining hands with their brothers and sisters
Learning stories of crime
Instead of fairy tales

Our nation is the greatest or so we’re told
In everything but peace
We have money and power
Yet we seek more and more
Not wanting to look past the greed

A nation once separated
But we were soon joined
Not truly joined though
For we still look at the differences
That we think should separate us

A nation who thinks we should teach others
Yet we don’t pay attention to the lessons
Ones we try to teach
Though it goes right through our ears
Not staying there to be remembered

A nation of love
A nation of greed
But a nation unsure
Lost in power
Lost in war and sorrow

A nation standing tall
As we stand by our brothers
And we see how our land grows
How we prosper
How one day we will be strong


A Whisper In The Ear

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