DTP Part 47

Written on: March 11, 2003 (age sixteen)

Distant memories
Of long, long ago
Of the dark souls
Who walked the streets at night
The ones who hid during the day
And craved the taste of a crimson liquid

History clouds my mind
With pictures of the past
Unsure why they’re there
Or what to do with them
What does it mean
To know these things

Pictures of a life
One I never experienced
Never lived through
Never seen things she’s seen
Never loved what she loved
Never craved what she needed

She was a creature of the night
Who spent her undead life
Living to the blood lust
She learned to hide
She learned how to trust
Only those like her

She was a Transel
A pure blood
A vampire not by choice
But by a hated destiny
One she couldn’t
Rid herself of

When I was younger I used to role play online for characters for a novel I was writing back then. I recommend role playing for anyone who needs help with character development, because when you role play and you get into it, it can make you get very interesting details out of your characters, especially details you wouldn’t normally get

A Whisper In The Ear

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