DTP Part 42

Written on: Unknown date

Trust not give
And secrets never shared
How could there be love
In a world like this

Scare we may be
Bu always our hearts are on our sleeves
Or the mysterious
With their dark hearts locked away

Never carefree or faithful
Just scared and alone
Paths un-taken
To a world unknown

Hope of a true love
With wishes unanswered
Tears of joy and sorrow
To complicate things more

War between each other
Never the peace we all crave
We’ll just be scared
And cower into a dark cave

Can’t we crawl out of those caves
And dance with joy and hope
And look forward to another day
And go along with a smile

Can’t we have the freedom
To say what we want
To go where we wish
And to be free from everyone

Where there’s life
Without love
Because some one arranged it
Before you were born

Lives are plain
Yet you don’t have a say so
In what happens
Marriage, children, death

How is that life
Wen you don’t get to live
How is it true
If we don’t know where to start


A Whisper In The Ear

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