DTP Part 41

His Knees
Written on: Unknown date

With a prayer
He spent his life
Living on his knees
Not knowing where to go
Or who to trust

One other person in his life
And he pushed her away
Knowing love was there
But he feared what he didn’t know
And he fell to his knees once again

Tears shed
And hearts broken
Wishes unanswered
Knees sore
As the prayers keep coming

Unknown to the world
Is the trust this man has
When he prays
When he cries
And when he fears

Hopefully that tomorrow
Will be left unsinful
But the future
Brings that untrue
But he’s still falling to his knees

Unwilling of what will come
For he forgot all the truths
Of what he wanted
Or any of his needs
Why can’t his knees go out


A Whisper In The Ear

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