DTP Part 39

Written on: January 3, 2002 (age fifteen)

Did you know the answer
To that question that I asked
Or are you still thinking of a way to answer
Well I guess it really doesn’t matter

Never again will I trust a man
Not if they’re like you
Not if he’s willing to break my heart
And leave me crying on the floor

How could you really do that
That was what I asked you last night
Are you going to answer me
Or leave me wandering in the dark

Can’t love trust me
To trust my own heart
To let me trust in the way I think and feel
Or to live with my own decisions

Just let me be free
So I can be able to choose a better may
Maybe he’ll treat me better
Maybe sparks will spark when I am with him

Only when I’m free of you
Will I be able to trust again
So if I can get rid of you
Then I’ll be able to dream again

Once my mind is free
Of thoughts of you
Though my mind
Still tries to hold onto you

There were those days
When I thought we loved each other
You used to hold my hand
Walking down the beach at night

Can’t my heart say yes or no
When it comes to you
I know it wants to love
But it looks in all the wrong places

Will I ever find the one man
Who can keep my love and trust
Or does he not exist
Except in my dreams

Only there am I really happy
With his arms around me
Holding me tight
And saying he loves me


A Whisper In The Ear

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