DTP Part 38

The Blue Bird
Written on: January 3, 2002 (age fifteen)

Did you ever hear a blue bird sing
He sings for those in love
Never any fear at his side
Only truth and joy

Never did a blue bird fail
To bring love into the world
Carelessly he flies forward
With nothing to block his way

Hopefully he flies for me
Waiting to spread his love
TO bless those in need
Of someone to care

Carefully he flies
Over those who are gone
Knowing that those people are loved
His work well done

Peacefully he hopes
For peace among us all
And trust among us
Who are different but all the same

Never does he fly carelessly
Over the people
Who need the love
Trusting each and every one

Trusting that his love will spread
All over this big world
Until the day he lays his head
The peace, trust and joy will be here

A Whisper In The Ear

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