DTP Part 37

My List
Written on: January 3, 2002 (age fifteen)

Hope is what I wish for
Trust is close behind
But most of all
I need true love
To guide me through the night

Care is on my list
But playfulness is there too
Forgiveness when it’s needed
And remembrance of the things
I will always love

Sadness is unwanted
Without that broken heart
But happiness is always there
Never will I forget
The things I love and care for

My list will never be complete
For I will remember things I’ll need
Like all the things I have listed
There will always be one that will never change
That single word LOVE

For love can get you everything
That is in the deepest part of your heart
It listens to all your needs
Never forgetting all your secrets
Or things you’re wishing for

Love will always be there
Even when you think it’s not
For there will always be someone
Who loves you
Even when you think they don’t

For that one person it could be weird
They feel the fear inside
But when its known to the world
Then love will find you both

Though my list may never end
The things are easy to find
SO if you can do these simple things
Then I’ll know that you are true
To the deepest part of your heart

So trust your heart
And go on
Say three words for me
First the “I” and the the “love”
But most of all is “you”

This is a poem that I wrote as a wedding present to one of our friends of the family. It went over so well that I started a tradition of giving this poem to people getting married, usually along with something else, but its gone over well so far.


A Whisper In The Ear

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