DTP Part 36

Dreams, Wishes, and Heartache
Written on: Unknown date

Dreams, wishes and heartache
Things well known to me
Heart son your sleeves
For people to see
But no one has held it true

Lies, hate and death
More things to hate in my life
Never any truth or peace
Or lives worth living
Just things we despise

But there are always the things we love
Like the one person who lights up your day
Or the friend that tells you what she things
That one person who can make your life worth living
They make you want to be your best so they notice who you are

So just keep on living and trust those you love
Never stop dreaming the dreams you love
And keep wishing on stars
And see those wishes through
Never give up on that one special person
Never give up
And never look away
Face those fears of yesterday


A Whisper In The Ear

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