DTP Part 35

Written on: September 4, 2002 (age fifteen)

She sat all alone
Staring at the stars
She didn’t know what to say
Or do to help

The world around her was crumbling
With all the fighting and wars
Never peace with everyone
Always hate

She wonders if she’ll ever see peace
She thinks about how to help
But all thoughts are gone
Fear takes its place

Her life turned into a living hell
With shots being fired
And everyone dieing
All around her

Her family and friends
All gone
But her faith is still there
And maybe it’ll pull her through

A blinding light flashes
And all thought is gone
She sees the destruction
And fear rules all things

She gets to her knees
And prays to whoever will listen
Scared and shaking
Feeling the light surround her

She feels the emptiness
She’s alone now
Not a soul other then her
Walks on this desolate spot

She always remembers
The fears of those days
When she first became alone
Never aging, never dieing

All she does now
Is walk the empty earth
Surrounded by fear and silence
And the bodies of the innocent

She is that which shows emptiness
She is fear
She is death
She is alone


A Whisper In The Ear

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