DTP Part 34

Written on: January 13, 2003 (age sixteen)

She fell upon her knees
Giving up on life
Lost all trust and everything
For she had nothing left

No one to make the cold nights warm
No one to dry her tears
She’s been through the pain
She didn’t want to feel it again

She decided she wanted it to be over
She couldn’t live with it anymore
She needed a way to end the pain
A way to be able to live again

She had a choice to make
Would she end her life or try to go on
Would she face tomorrow with a smile
Or would she watch the dark take over

People said love would come again
You should live again
Open up and enjoy what you have
Live until it’s truly time to stop

She didn’t know if they were right
She didn’t know what to do
She wanted to get through it
But she didn’t know how

A Whisper In The Ear

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