DTP Part 33

The Girl
Written on: December 20, 2002

She sat by a pool of blue water
Silently wishing for a new life
A better chance in the world
Some way to survive
A family who’ll love unconditionally
Just some peace of mind

She sits in a field of flowers
Wondering if this piece of heaven will last
Will life continue here forever
Or will it just disappear
Like every other good thing in life
In a place filled with beauty there’s death

She sits on a mountaintop
Looking around her
Breathing in the thick fresh air
The chill shakes the body
Yet warmth soon takes over
When she notices the overwhelming beauty

Alone she sits on the universe’s tail
Riding on an unending course
Trailing a path made by destiny
Living and dying
A continuous cycle
Never to end

For she is mother Earth
She is our mother, our life
She gives us food and what we need
And the air we breathe
She is our protector
She is Earth


A Whisper In The Ear

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