DTP Part 32

Me and You
Written on: December 20, 2002 (age sixteen)

We started as friends
Instantly a bond was formed
We became close
I almost always knew
What you were thinking
Our friendship got deep
And I grew to love you
With my soul and my heart
You were everything to me
I spent my days trying
To make you smile

We could laugh at old times
Look forward to new times
We said we’d always be close
But deep in my heart
I wanted more than that
Maybe one day we’ll be
Everything to each other
And you’ll hold me
In your arms
Whispering sweet nothings
Into my ear

Maybe it’s not love I’m looking for
But just an unending friendship
I don’t want to ever loose you
Cuz then it would hurt too much
My heart would no longer beat
If I couldn’t see you
Laugh and smile
Cuz when I see that sparkle
In your eyes
I know that you care
And I’ll know you are there

You’re not a dream
I keep dreaming
You’re not a story
I keep telling
You’re just the air
I need to breathe
You’re just the man
I need to brighten my day
You keep me smiling
You keep my life going
You give me what I need

I learned how good
Life can be
You brought the sunshine
I gave you some too
I give you all my trust
And you do the same for me
We make great friends
We know that the only good times
Are when we are talking to each other
We see forever
In each others eyes

How strange is it
I could come to care
So completely
I only want the best for you
Whether it’s with me or not
I learned to trust again
When I met you
You showed me
What I needed to see
And you told me
What I needed to hear

We’ve helped each other
Through those long days
We’ve seen it rain
As much as the sun
We’ve made a couple
Wrong turns on the road of life
We’ve made up for the
Circles we’ve been going in
By talking to each other
You saw what I wanted
Others to notice

I told you everything
Even all the poems I wrote
You gave me the
Confidence I needed
To keep on writing
I gave you words
To show you life doesn’t end
With a broken heart
Because out there we all have soul mates


A Whisper In The Ear

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