DTP Part 30

How Long
Written on: November 14, 2001 (age fourteen)

How long has it been since life was true
Measuring all the things you do
I once did know the things of old
But now my heart is full of things
That are happening today

Never did my heart flutter
Or was my head full of you
Always a wonder at the things you do
Always wishing to be there with you

So far away
But so close to my heart
You changed my perspective on life
You made me try for the best
And you never let me put myself down

How is it that we are so far apart
But yet we are so close at heart
We both know that the other will be true
And that we’ll always love each other

Never once will our love falter
It will always be strong
We’ll get through the toughest of things
With not a doubt in our minds

How difficult life may seem
But we’ll get through it hand in hand

One day we’ll not just be two
But one joined by God
Rings on our fingers and love in our hearts

We’ll always be strong
And never look back
Always looking forward
To the things to come


A Whisper In The Ear

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