DTP Part 25

The Boy
Written on: January 3, 2001 (age fourteen)

He sits in a dark room
Alone and very scared
Not sure what to do
Or who to trust

Scared he may never
See the light of day
Holding on to life
Though not sure if he really wants to

Carefully he chooses his friends
Not letting them get to close
Never learning to love
Those who all care for him

Hoping maybe one day
His dad won’t raise his hand
Or his mom won’t say
The things she says to hurt him so bad

Did he know there is help
For the things he’s going through
Someone who’ll care
Right next to him

Maybe next time
Will be his last time
Getting away from all of this
To feel safe again

So he sits in the dark corner
Hoping not to be seen
he cries and prays to God
To make his life go swifter

Maybe God will have them take his life
So he will be with Him
Then he won’t have to hear the yelling
Or feel the pain again

Or maybe he can run away
But that is against everything he was taught
‘Honor and the obey thy mother and thy father’
Is what is going through his head

How will he survive
Alone into this world
What if this happens to his kids
Will he still care

Could lie be that terrible
To trouble him with these thoughts
Why would God put him through this
It hurts him to the soul

Why does it hurt so bad?
Why can’t it go away?
Scared it may go too far
And pus him to his final day

Can God just make it all stop?
And bring him to his bliss
Can’t life just be over?
So he can finally be happy

Never will he hurt again
Not when he’s in God’s eyes
He’ll be happy when he’s gone
No more pain or yelling

God please help this boy
Guide him through the night
Teach him to be strong again
And guide him to your light

We know he’ll be with you soon
So wait for him with care
Help him through this time
He’ll need your care and blessing

Can you help him
Make him see your ways
Guide him and teach him
And make sure that he is safe

Soon the boy heard the yelling
He knew in his heart
It would be the last time
He’d soon be far away

He knew his father would hit him hard
And knock him to the floor
He wouldn’t fight back this time
He won’t let him see the pain

His dad walked in and smacked him
He fell to the floor
He got scared when the light got brighter
He knew he was going home

He felt the pain keep coming
he knew it would never end
But tonight would be the last time
The pain would be no more


A Whisper In The Ear

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