DTP Part 23

Written on: January 4, 2001 (age fourteen)

There always is another day
Brighter then the one before
Tomorrow comes another time
And different is it once again
Always we plan ahead
Not knowing what’s to come
Never do we just look forward
Always peeking behind
Careful not to get lost
On this path of life

Careful of the future
Not sure of the past
Eerie about the present
Scared of not knowing
Happy when you guess
Sadly you awaken
Life unknown to you
Never can life do what’s expected
Always doing the unexpected
Sleeping everything away

Slowly we walk on
Never again unsure
Trying harder every day
But couldn’t we just go on
And face all fears unafraid
Never scared or tired
Walking forward
Not wanting and sure
Careful not to fall away
Stay close to your path

A Whisper In The Ear

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